Derecho al aborto libre y seguro Monica Rivero

Six distractions in the abortion debate

Women are revictimized in the debate on the voluntary interruption of pregnancy: their freedom, their voice, their will, are not usually at the center of the discussion, even when their body is the territory in dispute.

Celia Cruz en Cuba, Sonora Matancera

Celia Cruz, a Cuban Biography

The years lived in Cuba are the least known period of this world icon of Cuban music. Musicographer Rosa Marquetti Torres reveals details of Celia Cruz before leaving the island.

Mercado en Moscú donde van cubanos a comprar mercancías para revender en Cuba

Cuban Children in Russia Face Uncertain Fate

There are Cuban children in Russia undergoing a difficult situation. Nobody can tell for sure how many there. Nobody knows what will be their fate once their tourist visa ends.

Many of us have in our (dis)affective memory the ritual of a tacky Women's Day

M8 + Matria: Rebirth

The Matria which we aim is a society of coexistence, equality and freedom. The path for this has not and will not be that of wars or polarizations, which only benefit the powerful in all contexts.

Chess for My Daughter

Nothing is simple when playing chess: your mission is to kill a king while defending your own, and that means thinking twice as hard.

We’re Pregnant – a More Fertile Expression

Myths linked to fatherhood come tumbling down when this phrase is used. A different popular understanding that consecrates the mindset that “there is only one mother, but fathers are like grains of rice.”